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Infinite possibilities,
and extensibility

Cocogames is a company that builds an optimal system to preoccupy the DeFi market that completely overturns the current financial system by using the world's first blockchain-based P2P matching service. Creating a system that ultimately realizes economic freedom for all game participants through Play to Earn;
This is the world Cocogames wants.

2023 is the birthplace of decentralized finance.
You can increase your investment success rate just by guarding the way money flows.
The size of the DeFi market is continuously expanding, and the total amount of deposits has increased significantly in the past year (the total deposited assets of DeFi in 2019 increased more than 390 times from KRW 696.6 billion to KRW 280 trillion at the end of 2021. ( Currently estimated at 4000 trillion won market)
No other financial institution or financial system in human history has grown so explosively in such a short period of time. Based on the trust of the blockchain platform, anyone can conveniently use deposit, loan, and investment services without intermediaries, and unlike existing financial services, the authentication process is omitted, and product subscription or contract period is free.
Recently, big tech companies such as Kakao and Naver are also trying to expand into the DeFi business through their subsidiaries in charge of the blockchain business.
In this DeFi market of infinite possibilities, it is our job to create a structure that can generate automatic profits by the system.
Based on P2E and M2E development experience, Cocogames created the world's first DeFi, Web3.0-based P2P matching service. Using this system, like the engine of a car, we are a total solution company that designs the most suitable profit model through accurate analysis for each partner company and consults from operation to marketing method.

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After signing the contract with the partner company, a person in charge is assigned, and consulting appropriate for each company is conducted.


We use the world's first blockchain-based P2P matching system to design a profit model suitable for our partners.


Establish partner's brand identity and seek optimal marketing and operation plans.



Preoccupy digital assets, a huge wave that cannot be resisted.

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