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Special Purpose Acquisition Game Company

We are a company established with the purpose of creating new value by combining the metaverse and P2E in search of well-made but unnoticed games.

Although the number of indie games registered on Google Play alone, which is released every year, reaches 8,000, 93.6% of them disappear without even being able to find the principal. No matter how well-made a game is, it is difficult to stand out among many games without raising astronomical advertising or marketing costs, so many games fail to reach gamers and disappear. We established Coco Games to open a new future of games by selecting suitable games from among these games and integrating P2E that connects economic activities in the game to the real economy. SPAG will bring about a new transformation by incorporating P2E elements such as NFT into a well-made but unnoticed game and renewing it into a fun and profitable game.

Second chance for unsuccessful game developers

Amid the deepening of the rich, rich, poor, and poor, which is overwhelmingly favorable to major developers, we can give small and medium-sized developers a second chance by investing in game renewal and marketing based on our financial strength.

Unfair revenue structure

We want to change the current revenue structure, where most of the revenue goes to game developers, to a system in which revenue goes to users who pay time and money for games.

Paradigm shift

Blockchain technology is changing the paradigm of the game from Play to Win, where you have to spend money to win, to Play to Earn, a concept where you invest time in a game and receive rewards in return for your efforts.


game selection

Game selection

A selection of well-made, but no longer serviced, P2E games.

renewal to p2e game

Renewal to P2E game

Renewed as a P2E game by combining blockchain and NFT with existing games.

coin issuance

Coin issuance

Issuance of Utility Tokens and Governance Tokens

token listing

Token listing and game distribution

Utility, Governance Token Listing and Game Distribution


MetaPang is a casual game with a simple game method, cute characters, and a variety of weapons. 

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